A world where diabetic individuals no longer have to endure pain or draw blood just to measure their blood sugar. …A world where anyone can be screened for diabetes without pain or fear of exposure to blood, and where an accurate, easy-to-use, portable glucose meter is always at hand and the never-ending expense of blood-based testing and the biowaste it generates are eliminated. Imagine a world where painless monitoring results in more frequent testing, better disease management, fewer medical complications and lower healthcare costs.
The dream of painless, bloodless, noninvasive glucose testing is about to become a reality - with Grove Instruments™ technology.

Grove Instruments™ has developed cutting edge, patented technology that will provide a long sought alternative to the pain and inconvenience diabetic individuals experience every day with current glucose monitoring.

The same technology will also allow organizations and physicians to quickly and painlessly screen people for diabetes and pre-diabetes.

Grove Instruments’ breakthrough Optical Bridge technology has already surpassed the rigorous accuracy standard (ISO 15197) in pilot clinical trials. Grove intends to be the first ever noninvasive technology to exceed every standard applied to all meters including the blood-based instruments. Grove’s clinical results have been recognized by both the NIH NIDDK and the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center as the industry’s leader. In late 2011 Grove’s most advanced instrument is being tested in diabetic subjects against all of the ISO requirements. Grove believes the results will be compelling and lead directly to commercialization of the technology.

Prick your finger until you bleed multiple times a day, every day, for the rest of your life? Not any more! Better diabetes control and better outcomes - achieved painlessly - with Grove Instruments™.