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Grove has developed a completely painless and noninvasive blood glucose meter that removes all of the barriers to optimal self monitoring of blood glucose. Grove's Glucometer is a truly transformative technology that provides people with diabetes the opportunity to achieve the kind of blood glucose monitoring proven essential to achievement of good outcomes in the life-long management of diabetes.

Diabetes Mellitus is a global epidemic. Worldwide estimates show that today there are nearly half a billion people with diabetes. An estimated 25 million Americans have the disease, with 57 million more having pre-diabetes. Recent data suggest there are as many as 100 million in China and in India. In the Middle East the prevalence among adult Nationals is nearly 50 percent. A truly global epidemic.

The medical literature has established for nearly 20 years (DCCT Trial, NEJM 1993) that the key to good outcomes for diabetic individuals and the avoidance of dire complications of diabetes (kidney failure, blindness, loss of limb) is good glycemic (blood sugar) control. In turn, the key to good glycemic control is careful daily monitoring of blood sugar and appropriate adjustment of insulin and other medications to match caloric intake and activity level.

Until now such monitoring has always required lancing the skin to obtain a drop of blood. This procedure is painful, costly, messy, often inconvenient and occasionally embarrassing. While the American Diabetes Association suggests monitoring 4 times per day, the average diabetic individual tests less than 1.6 times per day because of the undesirable attributes of current blood-based technology. The Grove glucometer removes all of the barriers and can provide for optimal self-testing and disease management.

Grove's Mission

Grove Instruments will be the first Company to: Achieve optimal home glucose testing by providing the world’s first truly noninvasive, painless, bloodless and convenient glucometer.

Grove's Vision

Grove Instruments will improve the outcomes for generations of diabetic people by providing the tools for early identification of the disease and for optimal glucose testing, facilitating good glycemic control and giving each individual a genuine chance to achieve the established clinical benefits that accrue to well managed diabetes.