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The Grove Glucometer is portable, battery operated, fits in a shirt pocket and requires absolutely no ancillary equipment (swabs, stylets, strips) required by blood-based instruments.

Grove’s patented technology uses light to measure real-time blood sugar (glucose) in less than 20 seconds, without blood, needles or pain.

Grove has solved the technical challenges that have historically limited near-infrared (NIR) glucose detection – namely, water interference and low signal:noise ratio. Grove’s unique patented Optical Bridge takes care of both of these problems and allows detection of glucose with NIR light at a natural harmonic of its resonance frequency.

Some devices, including some currently available blood based meters, attempt to measure at an “alternate site” – somewhere other than the fingertips. While this is desirable, it nonetheless creates inaccuracies because blood flow to the abdominal skin, the thigh or forearm is not nearly as robust as the blood flow to the hands.

Some devices, including currently available continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGMS), measure glucose in an “alternate fluid” – typically interstitial fluid, not blood. Again, while avoiding blood sampling may be desirable, interstitial fluid glucose does not change synchronously with blood glucose, especially when blood glucose is changing rapidly. Also, interstitial fluid glucose does not have a constant relationship to blood glucose, creating further difficulty, and necessitating frequent blood “calibrations.”

Grove’s patented technology uses only very well perfused (high blood flow) sites – the fingertip or the earlobe. Grove’s technique also isolates the glucose signal to the blood compartment. Thus Grove’s glucometer uses neither an alternate site, nor an alternate fluid, rather, it gives a reading of real-time blood glucose, actionable for the management of diabetes. And it does it without pain, needles or a blood sample.

The test takes less than 20 seconds – considerably less than it takes to prepare the site, lance the skin, and process a blood sample as all currently available devices require. Real-time blood glucose in less than 20 seconds – obtained with a completely noninvasive (uses only light!) Grove Glucometer.